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Directors Cut™ is a film competition that brings short films from directors around the world to battle for greatness on the silver screen. Each month, selected films will square off. The audience votes, and the winner moves on to the final round and a chance to win the cash prize.

The competitions will take place each month at the Quaker Cinema in New Philadelphia, Ohio. Audience members will enjoy dinner from local area restaurants before the films begin (dinner is included in the price of admission). Send your short film now, and secure your spot in the competition.


Your work is your masterpiece. You want the world to see what you've created. Submit your short films here. 


You love to be the critic. Now enjoy an evening viewing, dinning, and voting for your favorite films.


After you've seen the films, you will vote and find out which director will be moving to the next round.




Nestled in downtown New Philadelphia, the Quaker Cinema has supplied cinematic entertainment since 1940. Originally, the theater contained one massive screen in an auditorium that seated over 800 people. In the 1980s, the theater was converted into two screen to accommodate multiple movie showings. In 2015, the exterior was restored to the original marquee and the interior was modernized with a retro feel.

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